The forms in this section are those most frequently used by residents and shareholders.  Each form is briefly described below and may be downloaded as a PDF document, completed manually, and either deposited in the management office mail slot or sent by email to the property manager.

Comment/Request Form

The Comment/Request Form is for the convenience of residents and guests.  This form may be used to offer concern or compliment, make a request, or report an incident.  The form may be marked to the attention of the managing board, the property manager, or a committtee chairperson.  Upon completion, the form should be signed and either deposited in the management office mail slot or returned by email to the property manager.  The originator should expect a confirmation of receipt by the property manager and a response regarding actions taken when appropriate. Comment/Request Form

Guest Authorization Form

This form is for residents' use only.  Resident shareholders may admit visitors, housecleaners, contractors, and other guests via the intercom access system.  However, authorization must be obtained in order for the concierge to admit anyone in the absence of the resident shareholder.  A Guest Authorization Form should be completed three-business days in advance and submitted to the management office for authorization.  Approval or disapproval will be given by the following day.  Guest admission is subject to the rules and regulations as published in the WEP Handbook. Guest Authorization Form

Sublet Request Form

Subletting apartments at West End Place is permitted only in special circumstances and in compliance with the rules and regulations in the WEP Handbook.  The WEP Sub-let Request Form is the initial step in the approval process. Sublet Request Form

Community Room Reservation Form

The community room may be reserved for condominium business meetings and social events as well as private functions incuding receptions, parties, and cultural activities.  For private functions, a deposit is required.  The Community Room Reservation Form should be used to obtain authorization for all events. Community Room Reservation Form

Unit Modification Request Form

Modifications to individual apartments require the approval of the Property Manager and sometimet the approval of the Managing Board.  Modifications are defined as any physical changes to internal components of the apartment such as flooring, walls, bathrooms, kitchens, electrical, heating, stairs, etc.  Shareholders should begin by reading the pertinent sections of the Residents Handbook and the policy and procedures for unit modifications.  It is advisable also to consult with the Property Manager at the earliest stage.  The Unit Modification packet consists of policy and procedures, agreement form, and contractor evaluation form.  These materials may be downloaded and printed. Unit Modification Policies and Forms