Guest Parking

Parking spaces at West End Place in the garage beneath the courtyard are fully leased to residents or owned by shareholders who are residents of the condominium. Unfortunately, no spaces are available within the condominium garage for guests of residents. However, there are a number of options for parking in the vicinity of Lowell Square (Staniford, Causeway, Lomasney, and Merrimack Streets), the location of the condominium.

On-Street Parking

Metered parking spaces and handicap parking may be found on the following streets:

Parking Garages

Private parking garages are numerous in the area. The following garages are recommended:

Garden Garage (#1 on map below)

This garage is located at 35 Lomasney Way adjacent to West End Place. It is operated by ProPark America (617.742.8025) and has 650 spaces. It is used by commuters in the daytime, when the rate is $20, if in by 9 am and out by 7 pm. Otherwise, the rate is up to $31. The garage is fully occupied during events (Celtics, Bruins, etc.) at the TD Garden nearby when rates are $38 and $42. However, the garage offers a reduced rate of $10 anytime on Saturdays and Sundays, except of course during events. Watch for “Events Sign” at the entrance. If there is an event (e.g. a mid-day event), guests can receive the reduced rate afterwards when the sign is removed. If there is an evening event, guests can receive the reduced rate of $10 if they arrive before 4 pm, even if they depart that evening during the event or afterwards. The gates are completely automated and there is no attendant. Payment must be made at with coins, bills, or credit cards.

Longfellow Garage (#2 on map below)

This Garage is located at 60 Staniford Street, Boston, MA 02114. It is operated by Propark America (617) 742-8025, whose office is located at 5 Longfellow Place Boston, MA 02114.  The parking rates range between $7 for 30 minutes, and $35 for 24 hour parking Monday through Sunday with 565 available parking spaces. Monthly parking spaces are offered at the rate of $450 a month for the public and a discounted monthly rate of $340 for residents of the West End Apartments. The garage is fully automated, and there are no attendants.  All parking passes must be picked up at the 5 Longfellow Place office.  The forms of payments are cash, coins, or credit cards.

Government Center Garage (#3 on map below)

This garage is located at 50 New Sudbury Street, Boston. The parking rates range from $7 for 20 minutes to $35 for 24 hour parking.  There is also a discounted rate after 5PM (out by 5AM) for $11 Monday through Friday.  Weekend parking for 24 hours is $11 Saturday through Sunday 5AM to 5AM (not valid during events).  Event parking rates are $30 and start three hours prior to the start of any event.  The rate is $25 dollars if pre-purchased online.  Monthly parking rates are $350 a month for non-reserved spots and $475 a month for reserved spots.  Monthly overnight parking is $110 between the hours of 3:30PM and 9:30AM.  The forms of payment are cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards.

Chaser or parking vouchers for the Government Center Garage can be purchased at the front desk of West End Place.  Weekday vouchers for Monday through Friday from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm are available for $20 and weekday night vouchers are available for $9 per voucher.  Weekend all day vouchers (24 hours) are available for $9 per voucher.

To use a parking voucher, park in the normal manner taking a regular ticket upon entering the garage.  When leaving the garage, proceed to any garage exit, insert the parking ticket, and then insert the chaser voucher as the form of payment when prompted.  The chaser voucher will be accepted as either full or partial payment for parking.  If applicable, insert a credit card or cash for the remaining balance.

Map of Locations

Map showing nearby garages