About the WEP Condominium Association

West End Place is organized as the West End Place Condominium Association.  Within the condominium, there are five units with incorporated owners: West End Place One Corporation (affordable housing cooperative), West End Place Two Corporation (market rate housing cooperative), West End Place Three Corporation (parking garage), Lowell Square Associates Joint Venture (commercial unit), and Old West End Housing Corporation (West End Museum).  WEP Condominium Association is governed by the Managing Board, and WEP Corporations One, Two, and Three are governed by separate Boards of Directors.

Condominium Unit #1

West End Place One Corporation – A residential cooperative leases the physical space from Lowell Square Associates L.P.  The cooperative is made up of 82 Shares/apartments total (58 project based Section 8 and 24 low income housing tax credit).  Those shareholders residing in a Section 8 apartment pay 30% of their income in rent and the balance (based on the market rate) is paid by Housing and Urban Development.  The shareholders residing in a low income housing tax credit apartment pay a maximum rent which is calculated on the 60% of the area median income for the family size.

Condominium Unit #2

West End Place Two Corporation – A residential cooperative that includes 101 Shares/apartments total (24 HOME Fund and 72 market rate).  The HOME Fund units are regulated by the Department of Neighborhood Development and sales are restricted to those households who are at or below 80% of area median income.  The re-sale price of these units is also restricted.  The market rate units are sold on the open market with no restrictions.

Condominium Unit #3

West End Place Three Corporation – A garage cooperative consisting of 101 Shares/spaces total (plus 7 leased motorcycle spaces)

Condominium Unit #4

Lowell Square Associates J.V. – A commercial venture comprised of three commercial spaces situated on Lomasney Way

Condominium Unit #5

The West End Museum – A non-profit venture dedicated to the “old” west end of Boston, situated on Lomasney Way