West End Place Facilities

West End Place is a landmark condominium in the heart of downtown Boston.  The west end was one of the oldest and most diverse neighborhoods in Boston when it was demolished in the late 1950s in the name of urban renewal.  Fifty years later, the area has become a residential community of 4,000 living mostly in high rise buildings arranged around a park setting and connecting pathways.  West End Place was the last property from the old west end to be developed.  It was completed and opened in 1997.

View of West End Place ArchThe condominium is a mixed-income residential community with 183 apartments organized as an innovative cooperative structure.  There are 101 market-rate units owned by shareholders in the cooperative and 82 affordable units occupied by tenants who also own shares in the cooperative.  An underground garage contains 101 parking spaces for residents.

Building and Grounds

A grand archway and stairs dominate the front of the ten-story building on Staniford Street while its u-shaped wings enclose a courtyard landscaped as a park.  The front of the building has a broad expanse of sidewalk and a private garden to the left of the arch where an oak tree grows as a reminder of a tree in the old west end where children enjoyed a rope swing on summer days.  The apartments are located on floors 2-10, accessible by three elevators.  The complex also includes ground floor commercial space and a small museum dedicated to the history of the west end.  West End Place has been honored for its design by the New England Chapter of the American Institute of Architects and the National Masonry Institute.

Entryway and Common Areas

The main entrance to West End Place is on the right of the archway.  Inside the foyer, residents and guests are greeted by the concierge.  Entry to the lobby for residents is gained by magnetic identification cards.  Visitors are admitted by buzzer control upon obtaining permission by using the intercom system in the foyer.

Inside the building on the first floor are the north lobby and the south lobby both with areas for sitting.  The community room is located off the south lobby and provides an attractive space for meetings and special events, a furnished library for reading, and a kitchen for parties and other occasions.  The laundry room and mail room are located off the corridor connecting the north and south lobbies.


 An underground garage contains 101 parking spaces for residents.  Spaces are also provided for bicycles and a limited number of motorcycles.  The two floors of the garage are located beneath the courtyard and entered from the private driveway at the rear of building off Lomasney Way.

Services and Amenities

West End Place has 24-hour concierge service, an on-site property manager, plus administrative, maintenance, and janitorial staff.   Heating and airconditioning are provided for apartments by the respective housing cooperatives.  Also, inspectional services are offered and basic repairs are rendered by maintenance staff.  The condominium has fully-funded reserves to cover major repair and replacement projects including periodic capital improvements.